The innovative power and the wish to overcome the classic patterns led to making an unique product line: artistic glass. The craftsmanship of our designers and employees completes the technical fusion process to give birth to real pieces of art.


Ingeniosity in Manufacturing

The fusion process consists of overlapping two or more glass layers and uniting them through heat. The artistic glass models obtained this way vary with the glass type, pigments, powders and the manufacturing temperature.With a unique design three-dimensional, with “bubble” effect or Murano granules and spectacular colors, the decorative glass made by our company has a very large applicability area: artistic thermo-insulating windows, stained glass, doors, walls, decorative objects and china.

Compatibility and Efficiency
The artistic thermo-insulating window, stained glass and doors offer transparency, color and dynamism to any area. Moreover, those are compatible with any type of carpentry and fulfill high durability and performance standards.

Unique Stencils
The decorative objects, made after unique stencils, represent innovative solutions of interior design. The original models, the ingenious geometries, the sublime color, transparency and opacity games award this objects with an undisputable artistic value.Authenticity

The authenticity and large variety of the available products, as well as the promptitude we honor our orders with, offer our partners the possibility to maintain a competitive level on the market and to answer their consumption needs with efficiency and professionalism.