The main objective of VALRAS is to supply only premium products. In a tough competitive environment you connot counteract and get in the front line by exclusive quality only. We always have known to respond in an intelligent way to the more and more exigent demands of the market, constantly improving and extending the products range. The company’s activity is presently structured in two main large divisions: double-glazing units and artistic glass.

The flat double-glazing units provide an extremely high light transmission. Manufactured by combining two transparent glass sheet, the flat double-glazing units represent the most demanded product on the romanian market.Obtaining by combining a Low-E glasss sheet with any other type (flat, colored, reflective, safety) and the space between them fiiled with inert gas (argon). The Low-E double-glazing units provides maximum thermal insulation and an efficient control of light transmission and reflexion.
Colored double-glazing units are manufactured by combining a colored glass sheet with another one (flat, low-E, safety). The glass’s color and thickness determine the degree of the solar and UV protection.


Reflexive double-glazing units are manufactured by combining a reflective glass sheet with one of any other type. Depending on the nature of the second glass sheet, this type of I.G. units have multiple functionalities: solar contol and protection against UV rays, phonic and thermal insullation, fire and shock resistance.
Used for internal delimitations, as well as shop windows, banks, embassies, sport gyms, sky lights, the anti-theft thermo-insulating glass is manufactured by putting together an anti-theft glass and a glass sheet of any other type. Depending on the nature and thickness of the glass leaves and on the used resin, the window provides anti-theft, bullet and explosion protection.

Harmoniously uniting the functional attributes with the aesthetical dimension, the artistic thermo-insulating glass is available in a diverse model range: artistic glass or internal sprosses window, sanded, bolted or curved window.The comfort degree provided by all these of thermo-insulating window types is maximum and the safety and durability performances reach a very high level.